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What is a Medical Pedicure?

Updated: Feb 26

With so many articles floating around the internet by journalist with zero experience in this field, I had to introduce myself to this thing we call "blogging." My name is Erika Allison, and I am an Advanced Nail Technician, Medical Nail Technician, Wellness Nail Technician and most importantly the owner of NuFeet Medical Pedicures. I have been providing medical pedicures for people in need since 2013.

A medical pedicure is a waterless pedicure that is provided to people to aid the eradication of fungal infections, while incorporating a physician to treat the problems the client is suffering from. Medical Pedicures provides a higher standard of sanitization, certifications and is geared for the wellness of the client. I worked for a Podiatrist for years prior to opening my own establishment. While working there, I’ve seen how fungus is treated, the problems people face with their feet, along with watching the clients along their treatments. I provided laser treatment for toenail fungus and then provided them with a pedicure while working there; however, it was never called a medical pedicure back then. The growing need for medical pedicures is only increasing over the years, thanks to social media and hashtags. I opened my Instagram business page back in 2013 and started using #medicalpedicure which eventually caused a whirlwind of clients saturating my business. That was when I realized how many people needed this service.

Medical pedicures should not be performed just by any state licensed nail technician. Extra certifications would be ideal, as they teach how to incorporate physicians, awareness of different foot conditions, how to observe and not diagnose, pedicuring techniques, but most importantly the communication you should have with your client for this type of service. Medical pedicures focus on the health and treatment of your feet vs “making them pretty for the moment.” Medical pedicures should be provided in a private environment, with autoclaved implements, debris collector and a skilled medical pedicurist.

There are many certifications that you can look for, but most of them would be extra certifications on top of being a state licensed nail technician. Since these certifications have been around since 2012, they are considered new to the beauty industry, so give every state their time to adapt to these new requirements. It wasn’t until I realized that just telling someone that they need to see a physician was not enough. You must literally hold someone’s hand during the entire process, which was when my medical pedicure was born.

If you're interested in receiving a medical pedicure, click here. If you would like training or certifications, click here. If you are a physician that is interested in joining the NuFeet Network of Physicians, click here.

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