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Meet the FOUNDER & owner

Erika Allison, ANT, MNT, FNT

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Erika Allison, as I would introduce myself, but I am more often known for my brand, NuFeet Medical Pedicures® that provides specialized waterless pedicures. The venture of mine begins in 2012 when I joined a nail school and immediately started working under a competent podiatrist upon graduation. With profound insight into the market’s demand, I started my brand, NuFeet Medical Pedicures® in 2013 not just to provide pedicures but even incorporate state-of-the-art podiatrists into the service. While exploring the relevant algorithms, I launched a product line solely dedicated to the preventative and repair of the foot health of clients’ feet. While having the honor of being on several major magazine panels, I intend to seamlessly train more people until NuFeet achieves the milestone of national fame.

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