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NuFeet Medical Pedicures® | EST 2013 | #medicalpedicure

Classes for any nail professional

After years of teaching, I realized that everyone learns differently.  It was important to me that I created a class so that I can train any nail professional that comes my way. Whether it be online, in person or hands on; there is a place for you at NuFeet Academy.


Erika Allison

NuFeet Medical Pedicures®




Licenses, Certifications & Experience

  • State Licensed Nail Technician

  • Advanced Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Medical Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Wellness Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Creator of the Medical Pedicure

  • Creator of the Toenail Restoration System

  • Creator of the NuFeet Network of Physicians

  • Creator of the Disposable Nail Brush aka Mini Cleanup Brush

  • Worked under a Podiatrist for 2 years

  • Networked with a Podiatrist for over 8 years

  • Built a network of 200+ physicians that refer to trained NuFeet Ambassadors

  • Provided over 6000+ Medical Pedicures

  • Training nail professionals for 8+ years

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