Are you interested in becoming a Specialized Pedicurist?

NuFeet Medical Pedicures® now offers a wide array of certifications turning your average State Licensed Nail Technician into a NuFeet Pedicurist powerhouse!  In just as little as 1-3 days you too can see where a new career as an Advanced Nail Technician, Medical Nail Technician or Footcare Nail Technician can take you.  Pick the package you would like to sign up for, pick your date and pay for your class. You will be immediately e-mailed a Registration Form which you will need to fill out and send back to nufeetpedicures@gmail.  Please be sure to write the date of the class you are signing up for.

Day 1 - ANT

Day 2 - Open Floor

Day 3 - Masterclass/Ambassadors ONLY

NuFeet Academy Class Dates

May 23-24-25

June 13-14-15

July 11-12-13

August 22-23-24

September 19-20-21

October 24-25-26

November 14-15-16

December 12-13-14

If you are interested in becoming an Advanced Nail Technician online without the Open Floor Training, please click here and be sure to use code NUFEETPRO (This code only works with Nailcare Academy)

To find out which certification is the best for you, please e-mail