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NuFeet's Mini Cleanup Brushes changing the beauty industry for good

Updated: Feb 26

Nail professionals are saying goodbye to the "community cleanup brushes" and hello to a more sanitary way of cleaning up nail polish mistakes.

Over 200 nail professionals have made the change and it's growing daily.

When I graduated from nail school back in 2012, I entered the nail industry right away. During my first year in business, I came across so many people that were chronically ill, had fungal infections, even MRSA. Safe pedicures have always been my priority, but it didn't give me the warm and fuzzies when it came to polishing people's nails knowing these things exist. I felt some kind of way using the same brush on every client. A feeling of uncertainty of using the same cleanup brush on each client. Although, my nail school taught me to disinfect with soaking these brushes in Barbicide, there are microbes and pathogens that some people have that Barbicide does not kill and that worried me.

To the drawing board

I spent an entire year looking for a manufacture to create this tiny miraculous and disposable brush. Not only did I want this brush to be disposable, but I also wanted it to be reusable when using it on the same client. The size of old cleanup brushes was also a slight problem with me. The brush was too big, making it a little harder to cleanup any polishing mistakes. So, the tip of my mini cleanup brushes had to be small and narrow so that it can get into tiny places without ruining my work.

This brush is tried and true!

It's been 6 years that I've been using these brushes! After a few tweaks with the manufacture, they are selling fast and changing the beauty industry. I guess I wasn't the only nail professional that felt the same way and I am so happy to introduce the Mini Cleanup Brushes to the beauty industry.

These brushes will prevent cross-contamination between clients, while allowing the nail professional to move swiftly through services, eliminating the process of disinfecting "the community brush" that is used on clients hourly. Not only can nail professionals, nail technicians, pedicurist or nail artist benefit from using these brushes, but regular people that enjoy polishing their nails can benefit from these brushes as well. Cleaning up nail polish has never been easier!

Pros and Cons

The pros of this brush is that they're small, holds up to acetone, is 99% recyclable, and will improve the time management for nail professionals. Having these brushes and educating your clients on why you use them can also bring in more business. When clients see that you're taking the extra step for their health, they feel safe and willing to refer friends to your establishment. These brushes help set your business apart from traditional nail salon techniques.

Believe it or not, there isn't really any cons, other than the 1% of nylon that cannot be recycled. If you care about the earth, which I do, please consider recycling your brushes.

Get yours by clicking here.

If you are using these brushes, be sure to use #minicleanupbrushes and #disposablenailbrush so I can see your work.

Check out what nail professionals are saying below!

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