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Welcome Future NuFeet Ambassador

As you may or may not know, your business plan starts while you're in school.  You don't have work in a nail salon, give back to your community and make good money doing it.  It's more than just pedicures.  It's professionalism, customer service, a healthy daily regimen, social media marketing, business development, branding, advertising and more! 

Becoming a NuFeet Ambassador can benefit your business directly after you graduate and pass state board. You'll be personally mentored on all of the above to ensure you become successful and stay successful.  NuFeet Academy provides mentorship, business development, client referrals, products, supplies to get you started.  You'll receive all the certifications needed in order to provide medical pedicures, toenail restoration and be properly connected with a Podiatrist.

Check out the below video to see which level of NuFeet Ambassadorship suits you.

Explaining the difference between levels

NuFeet Ambassador Levels


Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors mimic the original NuFeet Medical Pedicures when it comes to business set up, services, online booking, website, prices and the wholesaling of NuFeet oils.  You still have your own identity, but you can grow your business into a six figure company in less than 2 years.  Brand Ambassadors get 2 free hands on classes and free virtual training


Virtual Ambassador

Virtual Ambassadors are similar to Brand Ambassadors, except they may just want guidance on their own personal goals within this field. You still get the mentorship along with virtual training. 


Network Ambassador

Network Ambassadors just want the referrals, podiatrist and online modules that NuFeet Academy offers on medical pedicures, toenail restoration, toenail reduction and waterless pedicures.

Brand Ambassador Payment Plan

$1000 Down and 4 payments of $618.50
$1000 Down and 6 payments of $412.33

Virtual Ambassador Payment Plan

$500 Down and 4 payments of $374.75
$500 Down and 6 payments of $249.83

Network Ambassador Payment Plan

$500 Down and 4 payments of $187.50

Hands on Bootcamps

Atlanta | Los Angeles | Maryland | Orlando | Chicago

A great way to get familiar with equipment

Toenail Reduction & Toenail Restoration

Toenail Reduction & Toenail Restoration are the top two techniques that are harder to grasp for some nail professionals.  Learn from the best with efficient techniques to ensure you leave with a better understanding on how the equipment works, and what tools to use.  You'll be comfortable with reducing toenails and applying safe toenail enhancements after your clinical bootcamp.

Face to face mentorship

In person is just better!

Mentorship comes non-stop when you're a NuFeet Ambassador.  Most of the time it's either a phone call or an e-mail.  In person classes allow you to get guidance immediately when you think of the question.  Having the right information at the right time can help you get to where you're going quicker.

Confidence Builder 

Stand out without any hesitation

Having the right amount of confidence can be difficult in this field.  Especially as a student that is about to graduate from nail school.  Having a hands on experience cannot only boost your confidence with medical pedicures, but have you standing out like a well-seasoned professional.


It's all who you know

The saying is real! NuFeet Medical Pedicures has been around for over 11+ years and is offering the connections it has built to you.  NuFeet has created a Network of Physicians that are looking to tell their patients about you.  NuFeet also has an Ambassador Locator Map for people looking for a medical pedicure and toenail restoration services.

What's the process of a NuFeet Ambassador?

Once you register

After you complete ANT modules

Once your paired with a Physician

The first step before NuFeet Academy is getting your ANT Certification.  Your Advanced Nail Technician certification is 100% Online and at your own pace.  Students are known to complete this process within 4-10 days.

The second step is NuFeet Academy where you will go over all the online modules on Medical Pedicures, Toenail Reduction, Toenail Restoration and Waterless Pedicures.  Once your online modules are completed you will be paired with a physician in your area.

The last step is business mentorship, continued education and if you signed up for a Brand Ambassador you will receive your goodie box of products as well as wholesaling products.  You'll be ready to go and your spa contact information will be listed on the NuFeet Ambassador Locator Map.


Erika Allison

NuFeet Medical Pedicures®




Licenses, Certifications & Experience

  • State Licensed Nail Technician

  • Advanced Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Medical Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Wellness Nail Technician Certification & Educator

  • Creator of the Medical Pedicure

  • Creator of the Toenail Restoration System

  • Creator of the NuFeet Network of Physicians

  • Creator of the Mini Disposable Nail Brush aka Mini Cleanup Brush

  • Worked under a Podiatrist for 2 years

  • Networked with a Podiatrist for over 8 years

  • Built a network of 200+ physicians that refer to trained professionals

  • Provided over 6000+ Medical Pedicures

  • Training nail professionals for 6+ years

  • 1000 NuFeet Brand Ambassadors by 2025

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