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Stop getting pedicures in nail salons.  Instead, find a NuFeet Ambassador who is a trained Medical Pedicurist

Dr. Danielle Green-Watson & Erika Allison, Medical Pedicurist,  Advanced Nail Technician, Medical Nail Technician and Wellness Nail Technician

If you received a Network of Physicians form

This means there is a NuFeet Ambassador that is providing Medical Pedicures in your area and wishes to send their clients to you when they see something that is abnormal with any of their clients.

What to do next?

  • Keep the Network of Physicians form for your records

  • Feel free to thank us with a quick e-mail to

  • If you would like your information removed from our system, then please fill out the next form.

Please input your business address and you'll be removed

Sorry to see you go.

NOP Lobby Flyers.png

Place this flyer in your lobby or patient room so your patients have easy access to a medical pedicurist near you.

Your patients will thank you...

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