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NuFeet Medical Pedicures® | EST 2013 | #medicalpedicure

We are highly skilled nail professionals that team up with Podiatrist in our area

MP&P Allegiance-3.png

You are here because you received a referral form

This means there is a NuFeet Ambassador or a nail professional that is in the NuFeet Network providing Medical Pedicures in your area.  They wish to send their clients to you when they observe something that is abnormal with their clients' feet.

What to do next?

  • Keep the Network of Physicians form for your records

  • Feel free to thank us with a quick e-mail to

  • If you would like to meet the pedicurist in your area, please send an e-mail to and they can come to your office to drop off brochures or their cards for you to give to your patients.

We add value to Podiatry offices around the world.  The amount of people we refer can significantly help grow your practice.

We never diagnose! We don't dig out ingrowns! We provide a safe and sterile environment for our clients and your patients.

Your patients will thank you...

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