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NuFeet Medical Pedicures® | EST 2013 | #medicalpedicure

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The NuFeet Network of Physicians was created to join state licensed nail technicians with local physicians as an allegiance for the nail professionals to recommend a Podiatrist near them for proper treatment, while keeping safe records and progress notes.


NuFeet Ambassadors provide medical pedicures and would love to incorporate your Podiatry office in order to make this mission work.  NuFeet Ambassadors provide a safe, sterile establishment for their clients to receive pedicure services while being sure to never diagnose.  They have been trained on infection control and a great place if you wanted to recommend a safe pedicure for any of your patients. 

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After you sign up with the NuFeet Network of Physicians, your information will be used to pair you with a NuFeet Ambassador near you.  If you were contacted directly, that means there is already a NuFeet Ambassador near you. Your practice's information will be uploaded into the private network.  If there is an ambassador in your area, you will start seeing new patients come in with the above form called a "NOP Form."  This is just a form to show you who we are sending in, what we have observed and is used for good record keeping.  

We would love to be the safe place for your patients to receive footcare services, as we understand the dangers of going to traditional nail salons.  If you're interested, there will be a provided Lobby QR code that your patients can use to find a NuFeet Ambassador near them.

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