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The NuFeet Network of Physicians was created to join state licensed nail technicians with local physicians for direct referrals.  Not only are NuFeet Ambassadors looking for a physician in their area; but physicians are looking for a safe, sterile establishment for their patients to receive pedicure services.  NuFeet Brand Ambassadors and NuFeet Ambassadors have been trained on infection control and provide their clients with autoclaved implements, a private and disinfected workstation and have training about the chronically ill and certain foot conditions. 

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After you sign up with the NuFeet Network of Physicians, your information will be used to pair you with a NuFeet Brand Ambassador near you.  If you were contacted directly, that means there is already a NuFeet Brand Ambassador near you. Your practice information will be uploaded into the private network of physicians.  If there is an ambassador in your area, you will start seeing new patients come in with the above form called a "NOP Form."  This is just a form to show you who we are sending in, what we have observed and is used for good record keeping.  

Once you've been paired with one or several ambassadors, some may come by to drop off their business cards in case you want to give one to your patients.  We would love to be the safe place for your patients to receive footcare services, as we understand the dangers of going to traditional nail salons.

The benefits of being inside this network will allow you to continue to grow your practice with people that don't even know they can get help with their feet.  As the world of "medical pedicures" is growing, whether you agree with it or not, you can't overlook the amount of people that this service has brought out of hiding. 

Let's get started!

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