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What is the nufeet network?

NuFeet has created a Network of nail technicians around the world that have taken the online portion of NuFeet Academy, along with completing the Advanced Nail Technician modules.  Nail technicians that are within the NuFeet Network have access to the Network of Physicians, are findable on the NuFeet Medical Pedicure website and has direct mentorship from NuFeet.


Who can become a NuFeet Ambassador?

Any state licensed nail technician or master cosmetologist. 


How much does it cost? 



What certifications do you receive when you enroll to be a NuFeet Ambassador?

  • Advanced Nail Technician - ANT

  • NuFeet Ambassador Certificate

  • Onyfix & PodoExpert Certificates (once the kit is purchased $525)


If you are part of the NuFeet Network, you will have access to:

  • NuFeet Network of Physicians

  • Direct mentorship

  • NuFeet Ambassador Discount Code


You will learn all about:

  • Medical/Wellness Pedicures

  • Toenail Restoration

  • Paperwork


Does this program come with any products or supplies?

No.  This program allows you to enroll and become a NuFeet Ambassador, but you don't get the product like the NuFeet Ambassadors or NuFeet Brand Ambassadors would get.  Once you are within the NuFeet Network, you can always move to NuFeet Ambassador or NuFeet Brand Ambassador.

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Start your journey

NuFeet Network $1250


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