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What is a NuFeet Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador does everything the same way when it comes to services, products and the usage of the Network of Physicians while still having their own identity and business goals.



Who can become a Brand Ambassador?

Any state licensed nail technician or master cosmetologist.


How much does it cost?



How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

First you will be directed to your Advanced Nail Technician online modules.  This can be completed in 2 weeks. You will then be issued a login for NuFeet Academy to learn all about medical pedicures, toenail restoration, Network of Physicians, and access to the Brand Ambassador Network, to help you get started with opening your suite.  Once you have completed all online modules, you will be able to schedule a shadow day for in person training.


What certifications do you receive when you enroll to be a Brand Ambassador?

  • Advanced Nail Technician - ANT

  • Onyfix

  • PodoExpert

  • NuFeet Brand Ambassador


As a Brand Ambassador, you will have access to:

  • NuFeet Brand Ambassador Network

  • Wholesaling

  • NuFeet Network of Physicians


You will learn all about:

  • Medical/Wellness Pedicures

  • Toenail Restoration

  • Paperwork

  • Toenail Correction

  • Incorporation of a physician


You will receive:

  • Online access to NuFeet Academy Online (Medical/Wellness Pedicures, Toenail Restoration, Toenail Debridement, Waterless Pedicures)


You will also receive the following products

  1. Universal Coarse Pedicure Bit

  2. My Favorite Pedicure Bit

  3. My Buddy Pedicure Bit

  4. EPO Safe Ball Bit

  5. Small Ball Bur

  6. Cavity Pedicure Bit

  7. Pedicure Bit Case

  8. 10 - Battle Paddle Sets

  9. 5 – Battle Paddles

  10. 2 -80 Grit Exfoliating Pads

  11. 2 -180 Grit Exfoliating Pads

  12. 100 Mini Cleanup Brushes

  13. Transformation Gel Kit

  14. Service Size Bottle of Natural Defense Anti-Fungal Foot Serum

  15. Service Size Bottle of Non-Greasy Moisturizing Foot Oil

  16. 11 – Customer Bottles of Toenail Repair Oil

  17. 11 – Customer Bottles of EPO Oil

  18. 10 – Customer Bottles of Natural Defense Anti-Fungal Foot Serum

  19. 10 – Customer Bottles of Non-Greasy Moisturizing Foot Oil

  20. Onyfix Training Kit

  21. 4 PodoExpert Nail Sprays

  22. Toenail Molds

Start your journey

NuFeet Brand Ambassador $3999


Thanks for registering!


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