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What is a NuFeet Ambassador?

A NuFeet Ambassador has been personally trained or took online training at NuFeet Academy.  They are listed on the NuFeet website with their contact information so you can find an Ambassador near you, and has direct mentorship when it comes to partnering with a physician in their area.


Who can become a NuFeet Ambassador?

Any state licensed nail technician or master cosmetologist. 


How much does it cost? 



How do I become a NuFeet Ambassador?

Please click here to sign up.



What certifications do you receive when you enroll to be a NuFeet Ambassador?

  • Advanced Nail Technician - ANT

  • Onyfix Certificate (When Kit is purchased $525)

  • PodoExpert

  • NuFeet Ambassador


As a NuFeet Ambassador, you will have access to:

  • NuFeet Ambassador Network

  • Direct mentorship

  • NuFeet Ambassador Discount Code


You will learn all about:

  • Medical/Wellness Pedicures

  • Toenail Restoration

  • Paperwork


You will receive:

  • Online access to NuFeet Academy Online (Medical/Wellness Pedicures, Toenail Restoration, Toenail Debridement, Waterless Pedicures)

  • Universal Coarse Pedicure Bit

  • My Favorite Pedicure Bit

  • My Buddy Pedicure Bit

  • EPO Safe Ball Bit

  • Small Ball Bur

  • Cavity Pedicure Bit

  • Battle Paddle Set

  • 80 Grit Exfoliating Pads

  • 180 Grit Exfoliating Pads

  • 100 Mini Cleanup Brushes

  • Transformation Gel Kit

  • Service Size Bottle of Natural Defense Anti-Fungal Foot Serum

  • Service Size Bottle of Non-Greasy Moisturizing Foot Oil

  • Toenail Repair Oil

  • EPO Oil

  • Toenail Molds

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Start your journey

NuFeet Ambassador $2500


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