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NuFeet Brand Ambassador Takeover

Updated: Feb 26

NuFeet Medical Pedicures has decided not to franchise, but is now offering Brand Ambassador opportunities that gives all the necessary certifications and mentorship needed in order to turn any state licensed nail technician into a specialist in this field of medical pedicures. NuFeet Academy is sharper than ever, giving nail technicians a specific criteria they need in order to be successful, generate the type of clientele they are trying to attract, and put

them in the right direction so they can nurture their own business.

If you are looking for a NuFeet Ambassador near you who does medical pedicures. Please click here.

Although NuFeet Ambassadors hold their own identify and business name, they've been trained to do their pedicures in a similar way, along with using and selling NuFeet foot care products. Brand Ambassadors perform medical pedicures, toenail restoration and toenail correction services; they are usually fully foot focused and incorporate a physician for any abnormalities.

If you are a nail technician that is looking to become a NuFeet Ambassador, please click here. There are several levels to a NuFeet Ambassador. Brand Ambassador is $3,474 and comes with all the products, supplies, certifications, hands on training and mentorship to get you started.

You grow bigger in numbers. Be part of a solution to an ongoing problem in the beauty industry.

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