The first step to your rewarding career as a specialized pedicurist. 

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December 19 & 20th, 2021

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If you are a licensed nail technician and look forward to honing your expertise as a specialized pedicurist, Waste little time to Take up NuFeet Interactive Academy. You can receive your Advanced Nail Technician™ , Medical Nail Technician™, Footcare Nail Technician™ certifications along with the NuFeet Ambassador Certification.

The Entire Virtual Course comprises top-notch engaging videos followed by live discussions and training. This interactive class gives adequate time and attention for different foot conditions. If you also intend to learn NuFeet Pedicures, the course has got you covered. In case you desire to incorporate a Physician for people with foot abnormalities, you may employ our well-integrated NuFeet Network of Physicians (NOP). You might regret not taking up the course while it is still affordable. So, hurry up before prices begin to soar

Wanda Whyte

NuFeet Ambassador Georgia

Britney Jackson

NuFeet Ambassador Texas


NuFeet Ambassador TN


NuFeet Ambassador MI


NuFeet Ambassador Georgia

Vay, Natasha, Nneka

NuFeet Ambassadors NC, TX, GA


NuFeet Ambassador MD