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Please read thoroughly before registering.

Joining the NuFeet Network will allow people in your area to find your pedicure services through the NuFeet platform.  This network will allow NuFeet to be the intermediate foundation between you and the Podiatrist you are referring to in your area.

  • Joining the NuFeet Network does not make you a NuFeet Ambassador; but once you complete the program, your business will be located on the Locator Map and you will receive referrals just like NuFeet Ambassadors.

  • If you're already an Advanced Nail Technician from Nailcare Academy, you will be added to the network upon completion of the NuFeet Academy modules.

  • If you're not an Advanced Nail Technician, you can still pre-register and you will be sent information on how you can sign up for this certificate along with a discount code.

  • You will receive your NuFeet Certified Package upon completion of this program.  You will receive one pack of physician referral forms, your certificate, 8oz service size bottle of Natural Defense Anti-Fungal Foot Serum, 100 disposable cleanup brushes and pedicure bit kit.

  • Once paid and you have been signed up, there are no refunds!

To go back to the NuFeet Academy page, please click here.

Please Register Below

Are you an Advanced Nail Technician?
Yes, but not through Nailcare Academy
NuFeet Academy online modules are Copyrighted and it is illegal to reuse or teach this exact information for monetary purposes. I agree that I cannot use these modules for teaching purposes.
I agree
I confirm that my Nail Technician/Cosmetology License is valid in my state. If for any reason it's not active, my information will be pulled from the NuFeet Network until it becomes active.
I agree
I am ready to move forward and have received all the information I need in order to continue with Joining the NuFeet Network. Once paid, I am aware that there are no refunds.
I agree
Please check what you would like to purchase
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