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NuFeet Academy offers 3 levels of certifications

NuFeet Brand Ambassador.

NuFeet Brand Ambassador.  Brand Ambassadorship comes with the training, supplies and product to get you started on your journey as a medical pedicurist.  This packages comes with the complete certification of Onyfix & PodoExpert, as well as coming with the Onyfix kit worth $525.  As a NuFeet Brand Ambassador you will be able to wholesale products for your clientele at the register.   NuFeet Ambassadors are geared for quicker financial success.

NuFeet Ambassador.

Ambassadors comes with the training, supplies and product to get your started like Brand Ambassadors, but they are usually not wholesaling NuFeet products at the register or may not do services like Toenail Correction. As a NuFeet Ambassador you are listed within the referral network as well as having access to the Network of Physicians.

NuFeet Network.

The NuFeet Network is perfect for nail technicians and/or nail technician students; for those who want to take this process a little slower.  This selection is an inexpensive way of obtaining the perks of a NuFeet Ambassador, such as the Network of Physicians and it's own private referral network.  In order to be located inside the NuFeet Network you will need to complete your ANT certification, which comes with this package.

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